Indian Illegal Occupied Kashmir (IIOJK) is one of the most heavily militarized places and is illegally administered by a draconian law. Indian security forces have freedom to do whatever they want with helpless Kashmiris. Whoever stands up for their rights is simply branded as a terrorist by Indian government and has to meet a cruel fate. Young activists like Burhan Wani are nothing but a blessing for those who are suffering nearly a holocaust type situation. Before criticizing and defaming the Kashmiri’s struggle for freedom, India should look in the mirror of reality. It is India who first back out from plebiscite, what followed was nothing but a fight for the right.

After suffering at the hands of Indian security forces, a teenager, determined to avenge and not let that happen to anyone. A young man with a fascinating and appealing persona, he used to carry a smile on his face and gun in his hand in the pictures he posted on social media. His smile showed the righteousness of his cause and the gun in hands showed his courage, spirit, and strong will to free the innocent Kashmiris from ruthless India.

He was a brave person who made a fool out of ISF. He was 15 when he decided to raise his voice against the Indian aggression and was able to live almost 7 years in the fierce battle of truth against ISF. He intelligently used social media platforms to propagate his cause and to communicate the internal situation of Kashmir to the outside world. Being a brave and enthusiastic young man on one hand, while on the other Politeness, generosity and love for Kashmiris of IIOJK were some other virtues of his personality.

Burhan Wani rekindled the struggle of Kashmiris of IIOJK with a new momentum. The differences like Sunni, Shia, Salafi, Kashmiriz, Ladakhi, a divide and rule strategy of India, vanished and a sense of unity prevailed calling for freedom. His death gave strength to Kashmiris, who long feared ISF. They mourned his death and thousands of them attended funeral of Burhan. More than a social activist, he was a resistance to the endless cruelty of the Indian security forces in Indian Illegal Occupied Kashmir.

Why IIOJK need young, brave people like Burhan? Kashmir issue is still pending in UN after nearly 75 years. Nothing commendable has been done to resolve this issue nor has the international community pressurized India for its resolution. This long time was more than enough for India to consolidate its rule there. Even India’s aggressive behaviour and brutality of ISF could not attract significant condemnation from the so-called leaders of the liberal world order Pakistan, though, support Kashmir cause, and want to peruse it through diplomatic means only. Pakistan respects the UN resolution of the peaceful settlement of Kashmir issue through plebiscite. Pakistan doesn’t consider that military engagement is a feasible option at all, especially in this age where nuclear warfare is threat to very existence of not only the hostile states but the world as a whole.

They kept hailing for help from the world but perhaps liberal world order is just to boast, the certain ‘We’ are good, always do good but perhaps what they mean by doing good is that ‘your self-interests are priority, you can never be good to others if you aren’t good to yourself’. Moreover, pursuance of self-interests do not spare them any time at all to address suffering of others.

No one coming for their rescue, been left alone, Kashmiris are on their own for their survival against ruthless India. Brave individuals like Burhan Wani are their rescuer. With revocation of article 370 and 35A, Kashmir is suffering from identity crisis. New Delhi’s aggressive policies are another proof why the fight for freedom is so much necessary. India by branding the social activists as terrorists is trying to legitimate the excessive use of violence. The real tragedy that has happened with the current Kashmir struggle and its dejected youth is this age in which struggles are no more struggles but acts of terrorism (The Express Tribune, 2016)
For those who consider Burhan a terrorist needs to understand what terrorism really is? These terms terrorism or terrorist are carelessly used without looking into the main context perhaps it is just about perception like how they perceive others. States usually perceive their enemies as bad and try to denounce them by labelling them as terrorists. Racial, colour and religious discrimination often serve as guiding principle to tag someone as a terrorist.

Same has been done to those who yearns for freedom in IIOJK. Why RSS is not branded as terrorist outfit, isn’t it involved in harassment and creating terror especially among Muslim community residing even in India? RSS’ goons absolutely fits in the definition of terrorism. RSS, exercise maximum influence over BJP, that’s why Hindu nationalism and discrimination against Muslims whether in India or IIOJK, have become intensified since BJP has come in to power. RSS’ former worker Yashwant Sahdev Shinde admitted RSS (BJP) involvement behind the terrorist activities in west Bengal, IIOJK, Utra Pradesh etc. (The Express Tribune, 2022). The perpetual violence of ISF in IIOJK is another example of state organized terrorism.

Burhan was truly a hero. What he did was simply a reaction to the unceasing brutality of ISF. For more than 7 decades, Kashmiris are grinding under the draconian law and barbarism. Burhan is an undying hero of the Kashmiris of IIOJK. He has died but his spirit for struggle or Jihad remains. One Burhan death has given birth to many. Though dead, he is victorious. Whenever the struggle of the IIOJK’ freedom fighters would be remembered, his name would be among the top personalities who are life and soul of the resistance and struggle against the savage India.

The writer Amna is an Intern at YFK- International Kashmir Lobby Group, and a student of International Relation at IIUI.

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